Beauty and Boldness: Recreating Iconic Women’s Makeup

Time and time again women everywhere have proven that their beauty knows no bounds.  They never miss the chance to look fearless and flawless all while conquering the world one makeup look at a time.

In light of International Women’s Month, we recreated makeup looks of iconic women using our Luxx Lash favorites!

Audrey Hepburn

One of the most renowned women in Hollywood, actress Audrey Hepburn’s look and style is a crowd favorite! She had arguably one of the most beautiful eyes we have ever seen on television, accentuated with her long and shadowy eyelashes. Our Selene #LuxxLineAndLash Bundle is sure to give you eyes as stunning as Audrey Hepburn’s with its sultry glam look that will make you feel like you belong to the Walk of Fame!


Who talks about lashes without bringing up Twiggy’s classic look from the swinging sixties? Twiggy has a very distinct and popular look with her doll-like makeup, and, of course, the iconic wispy and voluptuous lashes that make the model’s eyes pop. Stand out like Twiggy and express yourself to the fullest in our Ziva #LuxxLineAndLash Bundle!

Cindy Crawford

No one does Chanel runways and Vogue magazine covers better than supermodel Cindy Crawford. One of the most respected runway models in the industry, Cindy turns heads with her effortless beauty that always brings us back to the barely-there eyebrows, red lippies and all-around tightline eyeliner of the 90s. Flaunt your inner 90s supermodel with our Paige Magnetic Lashes that will certainly give your eyes a natural-looking, simple yet noticeable, dramatic look.

Britney Spears



It is absolutely no question that Britney Spears is one of the best performers of all time.  In the early 2000s, the pop star had a signature look: blonde hair, pale lips, and smokey eyes. Grab headlines with the Aeva Magnetic Lashes and get the perfect smokey eye effect with lashes in full bloom.


No doubt, Zendaya gives the best serves of our generation when it comes to the natural makeup game. The talented actress and queen of taking selfies is often praised for her almost-bare, fresh and flawless looks. Achieve the no-makeup makeup look with our Elle Magnetic Lashes and rock your subtle lash lift in a selfie captioned “I woke up like this!”


Celebrate International Women’s Day and shop our Luxx Liner and Lashes and Magnetic Lashes to show off the bold and beautiful you!