Magnetic lashes: Why you should add it to your daily makeup routine

Most, if not all girls wish to have long and luscious lashes. But most of us aren’t born with voluminous and full natural eyelashes! So what’s a girl to do?

The beauty world has almost everything we need, including fake lashes to achieve that long and luscious lashes. But there are just so many options to choose from! There are glue-on lashes, lash extensions, lash lifts, and of course, magnetic lashes.

Natural-looking and lightweight lashes in a snap

From Bonita to Frida, Luxx Lash has four different lash styles that vary from volume and length. Made from silk strands, Luxx magnetic lashes are one of the most natural-looking false lashes in the market. What’s even better is that unlike most false lashes that use mink hair, these lashes made by Luxx Lash are absolutely cruelty-free!


With Bonita being the most natural-looking style in the collection to Frida with the most voluminous style, you can get the perfect lashes for whichever look you are going for! Just with magnets, you can easily get beautiful eyelashes in a snap without the use of any chemicals such as lash glue or magnetic eyeliners. These magnets would be as close to your lash line to be as natural-looking as possible. You can even wear your very own basic mascara and eyeliner, a super easy way to instantly make your Luxx magnetic lashes even more seamless-looking with your natural eyelashes.

Kasper @kasperloooove

Will magnetic lashes work for sparse lashes and thin lashes?

Worried that these Luxx magnetic lashes won’t work on you because of your short or sparse eyelashes? Worry not! Most of us in the Luxx community also have short and sparse eyelashes. Luxx Lash has certainly helped in this area as it works for any eyelashes, be it short or long, that will also keep your natural eyelashes healthy due to the lack of chemicals used! You can even curl your natural eyelashes and wear mascara first before applying your Luxx magnetic lashes to make it easier to apply if you have short and sparse eyelashes. 

Lash lift and lash extension effect

Luxx magnetic lashes are already custom-fit for the Asian eyes and are already naturally curled to make your eyes look even a lot better. But why even bother trying out these magnetic lashes when you’re already a regular at your favorite lash salon? Well, we are here to tell you that you can get the same effect as lash lifts and lash extensions all in the comfort of your home all the while keeping your natural eyelashes clean and healthy! 

Nikki De Vera @nikkidevera

Unlike high-maintenance lash lifts and lash extensions, you can wear and remove your magnetic lashes anytime and anywhere. So if you have not tried any lash extensions or lash lifts because of all the hassle, you can now get fabulous-looking lashes with less effort, and less cost with these Luxx magnetic lashes. Just simply place the magnetic top and bottom lashes together to sandwich your natural eyelashes to get that stunning look with any of Luxx Lash’s four different styles. And just as easy as it is to apply, so is the removal. With just a slide of the bottom lashes outward, you are now lashes-free!

Get your very own Luxx magnetic lashes today by visiting our SHOP page right here on our website! Don’t miss out on getting those beautiful eyelashes in a snap without all that high-maintenance troubles coming your way making your eyelashes breath and a lot healthier than ever before!