Our Story

Empowering women through easy, sustainable, and accessible beautyfit for every lifestyle. 

Behind every significant innovation is always a simple, inspiring idea that comes with a purpose: the WHY.


In 2018, Luxx Ventures, Inc. was founded on the belief that beauty brands have the responsibility to quickly adapt to new trends and the evolving needs and priorities of the community. In our case, enhancing our lashes was just taking too much time, effort, cost—and even damage. And with accessibility and safety becoming of significant importance to the average consumer, game-changing innovations for eyelashes have been invented.

With today’s rising need for easy, sustainable, and accessible beauty, we have committed ourselves to creating products fit for the emerging normal, while still keeping in mind what matters the most to our community and company. We ensure that our products are only made with quality ingredients and materials—premium, cruelty-free, vegan, and non-toxic—fit for every lifestyle. 


With you here, we invite you to join us in simplifying our beauty routines! We hope our products will empower you with that extra boost of confidence and satisfaction, whatever the occasion or need for a pick-me-up. We put in a lot of love into creating our products, and hopefully, you’ll love them too.


Our Mission
In Luxx, we aim to provide ease and convenience, advocate safety and sustainability, and inspire confidence in our community by promoting a simplified beauty routine.

We value...


For significantly spending less cost, less effort, and less time with Luxx, you get to experience maximum ease and convenience with our products—all of which are accessible from home.


Our products are cruelty-free and sustainable safe for you and for the earth.


Because our products’ duration of use is longer than usual, you are able to practice and maintain a sustainable lifestyle.


In Luxx, we ensure our products are of premium, made from quality ingredients and materials.


As a beauty brand, we help in building a diverse, positive and empowered community free from discrimination.