What They Say About Us

Er Salazar

"I found it easier to put them on with my fingers instead of lash tweezers. When they're on, they stay on, so that's something I liked. The removal is painless, just slide the magnets away from each other - don't pull them off! You can also store them in pretty magnetic cases the lashes come in, and use them multiple times without having to clean glue off of them each time."

Stefanie Estillore

"I used to not wear falsies before because it has always been so difficult to put them on. But with these magnetic lashes, it's effortless!"

Melissa Denishka

"Surprisingly lightweight! I'm wearing their most 'extra' one called FRIDA and it's so so bold and beautiful! Full on lashes without the weight! Tried several falsies before and the weight is highly comparable! Super gaan and non-irritating to wear!

Easy on your natural lashes!!! This was a game changer for me. You don't damage your natural lashes as the magnets slide off easily. So, if you're chinita and not so blessed with thick long lashes like me, this will let you say good bye to lash glue and expensive lash extensions!"

Mafie Luancing

"I'm super duper happy that magnetic lashes exist 😍 Like I don't need to get extensions because the first time it made my real lashes fall. 😭 So it's either I use a volume mascara or falsies to make my eyes pop because I have chinky eyes. So the first time I've tried Luxx Lash it's kinda tricky, I've had a hard time putting it on. But after 5 mins of practicing I finally got it and I can just snap it on anytime, anywhere and I'm good to go! Thank you for this amazing product! Love the packaging, love everything that comes with it and I'm super contented with my PAIGE lashes. ❀️ I highly recommend Luxx Lash. πŸ‘ŒπŸΌ All the kikay in the world you should try it too. You're gonna love it!"

Alliyah Hortaleza

"I usually wear my #LuxxMagneticLashes whenever I go out for lunch, dinner, a party, and a night out! That'll be 3-4x a week! I use it literally everywhere! Lashes are everything to me πŸ’― I love it because it's absolutely hassle free. I tried them on first when I had my extensions on and it didn't give me problems at all so now whenever I want a bolder look I just put them on! πŸ’–"


Winnie Trinidad

"It's my first time to purchase your magnetic lashes and I am really loving it... but what I really loved is your customer service which for me is perfect that I can compare with american standard...got an issue with the bottom lashes and got in touch with you right away..without further questions and hesitations you replaced the bottom lashes then send it to me free of charge.. it only shows how you care for your customers...keep it up and will definitely recommend your product. ❀️"

Dane Lim

"Love your product. It stays on the whole night. I make a mess when I use normal lashes and the glue. Initially it took some getting used to putting them on, but now it's so easy it takes me a minute!!"

Kaye Sierra

"Sobrang gaan niya sa pakiramdam, sobrang malayo dun sa typical or sa mga normal falsies kasi ito walang nakakairita. Usually diba sa normal falsies, nakakairita yung sa inner corner, parang may tumutusok ganun, ito nothing at all. Hindi siya nakakairita and hindi siya nakakabother."

Kelly Canoza

"Super lightweight and you could go for a different style at different occasions in just one day or in just a snap!"

Kayla Ferraren

"Best thing to use when you're always on the go and want to look made up!"


Adi Amor

"This one feels super secure on my eyes, which I love, and they look so good on my eyes."

Nicole Ty

"I never got used to using false lashes with glue; it always ruins my eye makeup whenever I attempt to put it on. With Luxx Lash, my look is always complete. It is easy to use and convenient to bring everywhere, especially for people who are always on-the-go! I love these magnetic lashes, I can wear them all day and they don't fall off."

Jones Pena

"Thank you, Luxx Lash! Your product is one of my daily faves! Applying and removing the lashes definitely takes a few tries to get used to but becomes a second nature relatively quickly. Unlike falsies that require glue, you can remove and readjust these magnetic extensions as many times as necessary to get them just right. I use them everyday...as in everyday to make my eyes pop! I get longer and thicker lashes in less than a minute! I love it and will definitely try Bonita soon. ❀️


I love your lashes. It is so convenient to put on when I want to look super put together, and easy to slide off when I want to rest my eyes. Great because it's safer, no real lashes have went missing since! Bravo! πŸ‘

Denise Silva

β€œMy essential makeup tools: 1) Eyebrow pencil, 2) Lip & cheek tint, 3) Concealer, 4) Luxx Magnetic Lashes. The 4th tool makes my eyes pop in seconds! It takes some time to learn to use, but it’s so easy when you get the hang of it. I can look all dolled up every day with less time, less cost and less effort with @heyluxxlash. Plus, it’s sustainable! πŸ’šβ€

Shienna Reynon

β€œI gave up using fake eyelashes because it takes time to apply. Also, the lash glue is very sticky and messy πŸ™ˆ Having @heyluxxlash in my beauty kit is so convenient and I have nothing to worry putting it on my eyelashes because it’s magnetic. It’s a win-win for me. πŸ˜πŸ’–β€


"My usual routine was just cleanse, brush hair, put kilay, concealer...now adding up to my list is attaching my #LuxxMagneticLashes 😍 Honestly, I wasn't a fan of falsies before kasi I feel like it's too much for my chinky eyes, but obviously NOT?! I'm obsessed with you @heyuxxlash πŸ’–β€

Nina Eilisa

"Tried out magnetic lashes from @heyluxxlash and loving how easy they are to snap on once you get the hang of it! These are perfect for those of you who don't like using glue"

Casandra Presbitero

"Thank you so much @heyluxxlash for these beautiful lashes! 😍 I am thankful that I discovered this holy grail! A must have for everyday use!"