Why Luxx Lash


Say goodbye to glue and lash damage! The Luxx magnetic lashes are gentler on the eyes - chemical-free, reusable, and easy to clean.


With our reusable, high-quality, and cost-effective products, you are able to maintain a sustainable beauty routine while reducing waste.

Less Effort

Enhancing your look has never been easier - what more with the lock technology of magnets? With the right amount of practice, these lightweight, ultra-thin magnetic lashes leave you with a natural feel and can fix you up in no time, simply from the comfort of your home.

Less Time

No need for drying time and time spent going out of your way to get your lashes done! With Luxx's effortlessly beautiful magnetic lashes, having yourself look put-together has never been faster - making you feel confident in a snap!

Less Cost

With proper care, our high-quality magnetic lashes can be used sustainably up to at least 2 months if worn daily. This saves you the trouble of spending on maintaining your lashes more frequently and for a shorter period of time!